Volume all the way up but no volume

I have the samsung note 7.  The volume is all the way up on all sections yet notifications, ring tone, and my alarms are at a very minimal level.  It is not enough to hear or wake up to.  I haven't downloaded anything that I know of recently.  The phone did just update not too long ago.  I have my phone on silent over the weekends so I am not sure when it actually started.  When I used to hit volume up it would display what volume I was currently in... for example... if I was on youtube it would say media. If I am on a call it would say in call, not on any would say ringtone.  Now it ALWAYS says in call.  That volume is fine.  The others are not.

Help please!  I cannot believe I haven't been late to work yet.  I am not a morning person and I do not own a clock!  How sad is that...

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