Vtext to messenger not working

I am a physician and our office uses vtext to send emergency messages to our cell phones at night. I had never had an issue until the first of May, now between the hours of 8pm to 8am I can't get any vtext. I can send and receive SMS texts during that time. At 8am all the vtexts from the night before will suddenly come through. I can get vtext all throughout the day without issue. I have spoken to Verizon multiple times. I have reset my phone to factory, changed emails and nothing is working. Other physicians in out practice who use Verizon are not having  this problem. I am planning to get a new AT&T line to not deal with this problem.

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Re: Vtext to messenger not working
Customer Service Rep

Ndndoc, I know that using this option may have worked for you in the past however some changes have been made. Vtext.com is for consumer use only. We are unable to speak on the other physicians behalf but multiple reasons could be causing this dilemma for you. 


The service is not intended to be used for large volumes of commercial messages or emergency messages. Due to the inherent limitations of Internet email, Verizon provides no assurance regarding the timeliness or receipt of messages sent using this service. Businesses and organizations looking to send a high volume of messages should subscribe to Verizon Enterprise Messaging.