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Enthusiast - Level 3

The missed calls thing is gone, well that's finally relieved. (this will be the only good of this post)


Then I'll go send some texts, and wait and wait for a reply, but i never get one. So I turn my phone off and then back on to find that my phone had stored all of my messages and they all just sent, so people are probably really confused when they get 3 texts.


Also, it will send messages, but I won't receive the replies.


I hate the Samsung Fascinate.


Is it possible to have a good working phone?


Contributor - Level 2

I understand everyone's frustrations. My phone has always worked great and I really never understood why everyone else was having so much first.


If you look at all the forums, at all the carriers, they all look like Fascinate forums. Everyone complains about the same things, everyone has the same problems. I have come to suspect the problem is popularity. The manufacturers are churning out smartphones as fast as they can and I believe they are sort of looking the other way where component quality is concerned.  I'm the network admin/alpha geek at the corporate office I work at. Many of the problems people complain about in this forum would immediately make me think it is a hardware issue if a coworker made the same complaint about a workstation they were using.


A few years ago I read an article about Intel and AMD and their manufacturing issues. The percentage of processors that are thrown away due to quality problems was astounding. I don't think the same high standards apply everywhere else. I believe that corners are being cut to maintain production quotas. I also don't think it is only Sammy that is doing it, everyone is. Even Apple has issues, only not as really do get what you pay for. I think my Fascinate is a superior phone compared to the iPhone but I also think the typical iPhone is better made.


Linux (and by Linux I also mean Android) is as stable as a rock, I have had programs literally puke all over themselves and the computer's whatever-inx kept running. I play with my phone a lot and I've managed to hose the OS install but it was never easy and I could almost always look back and see the point where I made a mistake to kill it. These phones that have a problem, get a factory reset or a firmware reflash and have the same problem...thats a hardware issue boys!...and I've see a lot of that here and in other forums.


I don't think this problem is going away at least not in the near future. You can change brand of phones and you might get a really good one but your buddy may get the same phone and have a piece of trash.


Hopefully the carriers will tire of all the disgruntled customers and hold the manufacturer's feet to the fire and we will start getting phones that work correctly.