WHY the Samsung Pie UI is so bad that Samsung is ignoring ALL S9 and S9+ Users
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This is the "Windows 8 / Vista" debacle for Samsung and they could totally care less.  There's more phones coming out that may fix some of the issues, but for many, Samsung is no longer to be trusted. And the story about it being a "Google" issue is garbage. If Samsung wouldn't have wanted Pie on their phones, it wouldn't have happened.  The Beta testers were ignored and now we're stuck with phones that were at first an improvement at Christmas, only to be demolished in February.  And posts getting turned off or deleted by Samsung won't make this problem go away. This was the absolute worst update in their history and they know it. Yet onward and upwards they go, as if nothing happened and they continue pumping out new products. Only problem is, people who were sickened by the Pie UI aren't going to be returning to get another phone. Many have already "jumped ship" and once the service provider contracts expire and the phones get "paid off" there's going to be a downturn in their business. People complaned so loudly from the very day the Pie hit the fan and nothing at all was done to correct the many issues they created.  Shame on Samsung!  Go fall on your sword!

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Currently have a Moto G6 and have to say that up until this past weekend I have been very happy with the Moto/Moto Z line of cellphones. (G6 a temp. Z Force Droid took a nosedive in a gravel parking lot...)

Since the disastrous decision to upgrade to the 9.0 Pie os less than 100hrs ago I think I will be saying goodbye to Motorola for a second time. (First cell phone was a little Motorola flip phone with a 1x browser T-Mobile). Don't miss the roaming charges...

My head is still spinning but most of the functionality of the phone has been recovered. Slowly. Still have unimaginable lag on initial search or opening apps as well as dead spaces between the connection crashing and recovery. Plenty of time for a quick trip to the bathroom or the refrigerator.

The Lenovo forums are a mirror of the Samsung posts here. And the "no reply" is the only reply from Motorola. Guess it is time to find a brand new brand. Good luck all.



It's not just S9 and S9+.  It also affected the Note 8.  Completely messed up my phone. Battery life  completely drained in less than half a day with UI - which I see no value in whatsoever.  Used to have great battery life! Used to love Samsung, had multiple notes and S7 too.  Spent all of last night trying to diable the UI app and reload all my apps. What a mess!  Going to Google as soon as I can.