WIFI Calling

Can someone explain to me why it's such a hassel to get wifi calling to work on the Verizon netwrok?

I've been in Norway for almost 3 months now and not once has it worked on the first try without having to turn wifi off and on again, restart the phone, and/or disable/enable the feature.

I left AT&T and T-Mobile to have better quality service, but after this trip, I'll most likely be going back if they cant get this resolved. 

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Re: WIFI Calling
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Verizon does not have native service in Norway. A any rate put the phone in airplane mode then turn on wi-fi. Since youre not using mobile anyway no need to have it on.

Re: WIFI Calling
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Wi-Fi Calling does require to be activated before leaving overseas. Our network needs to be connected to the device in order for the feature to be activated. If you did not activate Wi-Fi Calling before leaving the country, this may be why you're expierencing difficulties.



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