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WTH? Why is this phone buggin?

OK so I have been pro-fascinate and Pro Verizon for some time. Haven't really had any issues that weren't resolved is a decent time frame.  But since the whole Froyo update and the ED05 recent update I am growing irritated now.  Here are issues I am having and I have read others but just want to get a feel for whether or not others are also having weird issues.


My music player randomly kicks on and plays.  Running down the battery.  I removed it from one of my home screens, thinking maybe I am opening it without realizing it. Shut it down and low and behold, I pick up the phone and the music player is going again.  Stock app too.


Camera is slow to process pictures and randomly takes screen shots.


Missed calls still


Forced closes


I try to set a home screen and it works during the time that I do this.  Then after I wake the phone up again it makes some other page my home screen?


Phone freezes up more now than ever. Constantly having to reboot/take the battery out and restart the device. 


After Froyo I lost so much battery, they replaced it with that pregnant extended battery, so now I have no case protective cover because they don't make one for it other than the back cover.


Contacts folder is acting up.  One minute I have two contacts, then the next minute I have 900+ and then it selectively puts them in groups and blah blah blah! 


These are just a few I can think of right off the bat.  The kicker is I like the device, I think the software is the problem.  I wonder how many of you have performed the factory reset?  I am thinking about doing this and seeing if by chance there is an improvement.  Besides replacing the phone, what are you guys doing to get through the issues?  Please understand I realize that many of you are also experiencing similar or other issues, but I am not looking for a rant fest. I am seeking input on any possible solutions any of you may have come up with so far?  So in advance, not looking for bashing and trashing, just help.  Thanks



Re: WTH? Why is this phone buggin?

Well, I have 3 Fascinates.


AFTER the ED05 update, I've done the factory data reset on 2 of the 3 so far.

both seem to working OK now.  Have not had to do it on #3..yet  : - )


( Menu...Settings..Privacy...   Factory data reset )

FIRST, making sure my contacts, calendar were backed up/synced with Google .

( or you could export your contacts to the SD card, then import back after the reset. )


Factory reset, while a little bit of a pain depending on how much 're' setup you need to do,

does seem to fix some of the problems you're describing.


IF you decide to reset, I'd also suggest running phone for a couple days without

installing any market apps .  Then, if phone seems to be working OK, only install

a couple apps per couple eliminate an app causing your problems.


good luck.

Re: WTH? Why is this phone buggin?

Thanks for the tip.  I did the factory reset and so far without any extra apps added, it seems to be working better.  It's only been 24 hours so we will see.  If it proceeds to work properly I will note the acceptable solution to my question!  Thanks for  the help!