Was charged per text but have unlimited text and talk.

Back in July 2019 my daughters phone broke so my husband went to the verizon store in wadsworth, ohio to purchase a new phone.  At the time we had unlimited text and talk with 2GB of data. My husband asked the rep if there was another plan that wouldn't cost too much that would give us more data. The rep got us signed up for unlimited everything and told my husband that are bill would only increase by $20-$30 the next month.  When we received the bill the following month that was NOT the case and had increased by $120. My husband went back to the store to try and resolve this but came to find out the rep "forgot" to tell us about the taxes and the charges per line to switch plans. The rep that switched our plan wasn't there that day and they weren't able to do anything at that point.  I then decided to call a representative to get our plan switched back to what it was.  To throw an even bigger issue into this mess, my husband's phone broke and because we hadn't resolved the billing issue, decided to use the tablet on our plan as his means of communication as we couldn't afford to purchase another phone. I talked to the Verizon rep and explained the situation and told her to put us back on our old plan, unlimited talk and text with 2GB of data. I also explained that my husband was using his tablet for his phone because we couldn't afford another right now.  She switched our plan back but said it wouldn't take effect until the next billing cycle. We received our bill this month and my husband's tablet has been charged per text totalling $410. We are still paying on both the phone and tablet and have unlimited talk and text. I'm absolutely frustrated and am put on hold for 20+ minutes when I call in to speak to a rep. We have incurred financial hardship because of the negligence and communication issues with Verizon.  I would appreciate some answers and resolution to this matter ASAP.

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Re: Was charged per text but have unlimited text and talk.
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We certainly understand how unexpected charges can be a burden. We will send a Private Note, so we can dig further into your billing concerns. BrittanyC_VZW