What is wrong with the volume on my device?

I've been having problems (3 trips to my Verizon store) with the general volume on my Samsung s4...call; notifications; all volume is extremely low. The man at the store told me to take the battery out, replace it- and that would reset all. This advice didn't work. The next time I took it in they cleaned it and I left with it working again...but not for long.

Help! All I can hear well is the voice mail.

I was also told the Speaker phone did not switch back to the regular ear piece after using it. DON'T USE THE SPEAKER

I shouldn't be having these problems.

Re: All volume
Customer Service Rep

Good afternoon Gaynellde

Cell phones are like our lifelines, I would be lost without the sound on mine. We never want to have you go to a store multiple times. I would be happy to look into this with you here. When did this start? Was there any damage to the device? Did you recently get a new case or screen protector?
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