What the heck happened to my service?
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What has happened to the good service and signal strength I used to get from Verizon.  In the last few months I am dropping more call than ever.  I switched from Sprint almost 20 years ago because of dropping calls and about ready to move on again.  I can't call from the city I live in and getting real frustrating.  Is it the phone or the service?   HELP???

Re: What the heck happened to my service?
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Gosh, Jhahn01. That's just terrible! I'd be very upset by the service issues you've described here. And you ask an excellent question: Is it the phone or is it the service? I propose we find out so that you can get the service you're used to. We don't want you going away from us!

Can you tell me where you are (zip code works best), if you happen to know of other VZW customers in your area experiencing the same things you are, if you've noticed any patterns to these problems (such as same exact locations), and if this is impacting services other than calls (such as data connections or messaging)? Thanks!

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Re: What the heck happened to my service?

you can count another upset user who is seriously considering switching. My neighborhood has awesome T mobile service now while I get zero bars on the Note 3. I've missed important texts at home and my battery life at home is now half of what it used to be because the phone is always searching for reception. And today on I95, where I know the signal used to be great, I only got 1x reception. I live in zip 06443 where I think XLTE got turned on, so that may have made the problem worse. Regardless, the symptoms exactly match the **100s** of complaints you will find on the net. This is inexcusable for a "premium" service!