When is Verizon going to fix all of the things they broke with the latest update?

Dear Verizon Wireless,

    I have been a customer for many years and for the most part have been satisfied with your service, but what happened to my Note 3 after the latest update is unacceptable.  I see many people in this forum with similar issues that are getting stock answers that don't really address the issues, and show a lack of interest in solving the problems, and helping your customers.

     I received my Galaxy Note 3 at the end of March, and I loved it.  It was very reliable, fast, and I could go a whole day on the battery (Most of my days last at least 18 hours) making calls, streaming audio or video, even sharing my broadband connection with my tablet once in a while, and still show the battery was 50% charged.  Until I received the 4.4.2 update on May 17th.

  • Immediately after the update (which I installed that morning, fresh off the charger) the battery only lasted until around 7 PM,  when I plugged it into the charger first it didn't recognize it was even plugged in, and later kept telling me that I should use the original charger and cable for better performance.
  • The clock showed the time as an hour later, I had to manually set the time zone instead of using the "obtain time zone information from the network" feature.
  • The alarm clock randomly decides not to go off, this morning at 9:30 it still showed the alarm was set to go off at 8 am, but didn't.
  • Yesterday while a mile from my house I received a notification that I would be charged extra for data usage while roaming outside of the U.S. and asking did I want to use it or not, while It had already disable my data waiting for a response, this would be useful if I had been outside of the U.S. and not at home.

     Don't tell me that my 45 day old battery lost 80% of it's functionality overnight because periodically they need to be replaced, while that is true it happens gradually over time and not within a 24 hour period.  The other problems, while somewhat minor, are still annoying and detract from the reliability of this device.  Not getting up on time because the alarm is unreliable is a big issue, I've used the alarm on my phones for 15 years without serious issues, and today I will be buying an alarm clock..

     I've worked 30 years in the IT field, many of those helping people resolve technical issues and I know how to tell the different between user configuration issues and broken software, If you don't have a real answer to mine and other peoples concerns on this forum then maybe it is time to escalate this issue to someone that was involved with building this update.

     I don't want to restore my phone unless it will actually solve the issue and not "lets see what happens when you do", because it would take me hours to reconfigure all of the software on my device.  Removing the update is probably not an option, so what I really want to know is when will the update be pushed that will fix these issues?

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