Where aren't my images being received in Microsoft Outlook 2019

Starting about 2 months ago, pictures that I sent to my Microsoft Outlook 2019 account are no longer received no matter how many times I have tried.  I just tried sending an image to my email again, 10 - 12 times and nothing!  I never had a problem before, but now no pictures I send are ever received any longer, regardless of how small they are.  I couldn't even send a screen shot that I cut down to less than half its original size.  I take some pictures to have on my computer, but Verizon doesn't seem to forward them any longer.   Even sometimes when I send a text to my daughter with an image attachment, she receives the message, but with no image.  What am I paying for?  It's bad enough my phone switches from 4G to 5G every 4 seconds and barely allows me open an app or to send or receive anything, but now I can't even send pictures anymore?  I paid $1,400 for a Samsung S20 Ultra 5G brick or I chose the wrong provider!!!

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