Where is my order?

I paid outright for a Samsung Galaxy S21 Phantom Silver 128g with next day shipping on August 6th. I have the receipt from the order. I've talked to customer service over the phone 3 times with no answer as to where my order is, as well as went into a Verizon store and was told after about an hour + of the rep talking to customer service himself that the order is still in processing because they don't have any of the phone in stock to ship out. I was told that the phone should be back in stock and should ship out to me on August 17th. Here we are on August 30th with my order showing "being processed" still. 

I should state that at no point on the website when I placed the order did it say anything about the phone being out of stock, as well as the fact that at no point in this almost month of waiting have I received any notifications of the phone being out of stock or anything about my order. The only information I've received on the subject is the information I've sought out myself. 

At what point do I need to get the FTC involved for a company stealing my money with absolutely no product to show for it and no communication to me as the customer as to where my order is or what is happening with my order?

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