Where oh where have my text messages gone

Please help me understand where my text message goes when I send it and the person I'm sending it to doesn't receive it. This occurs about 20-30% of the time and it is frustrating. I called Verizon many times and received several answers. First was that is normal. Second was we are working on it (this was back in Aug 2011) and now they say I must be in a bad area. Really? I'm in a major city. Maybe the real answer is that their system can't handle unlimited text messages for everyone. Well I'm paying for unlimited so I expect unlimited or that is false advertising. Is anyone else experiencing this?

Re: Where oh where have my text messages gone

I have lost a few messages to the blackhole of space but mostly I my messages has been arriving to the intended receiver...  I have MMS not being received more than anything but since I set up the sent and received alerts option in the messaging app it seems to help me know when this is a issue for me.

Maybe this will help you identify when you are having the issue most...  Under SMS / Menu / Settings / SMS or MMS / Delivery Report