Which Galaxy S2 is being offered as a promotion if I buy a Galaxy S 7 edge? Is it the wifi version or is it the 3G version?

I sent in the proof of purchase of my Galaxy s7 edge to Verizon. Which Gear 2 is offered: the wifi only version or the G3 version?

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Good question. The S2 smart watch connects with both Wi-Fi and 3G.
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I see that the second part of your question has been answered, but the first part continues to receive a more global "Hmm, I don't know" answer from most at Verizon (online and in stores).

The e-mail promotion we all received stated, "Gear S2 smartwatch ($349.99 value).

The verizonwireless.com site also states, "Gear S2 smartwatch ($349.99 value)" as well as "Gear S2 MSRP is $349.99

Gear S2 has a MSRP of $299.99, while the Gear S2 Classic has a MSRP of $349.99

The picture shown is clearly the regular Gear S2, but the higher value misrepresented is for the Gear S2 Classic.

The glossy Verizon flyer in the Sunday paper (3/13) announces "Gear S2. Save $100. Now $199.99 / Retail Price $299.99", which doesn't match the website or e-mail offers.

Web sites for Samsung, Amazon, and Best Buy all list Gear S2 with retail price of $299.99, and the Gear S2 Classic with retail price of $349.99

A call to Verizon resulted in a response that the marketing error was due to misinformation from Samsung.

A call to Samsung resulted in a response that the marketing error was due to misinformation from Verizon.

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