Wht does Verizon have terrible signal all of a sudden in Salem Virginia?

It's not us, it's Verizon. Numerous co-workers and I all have been experiencing terrible signal starting last year, perhaps coinciding with implementation of more 5G. Why? What can we do about it other than pay more for a signal booster? 

We get this annoying SOS message, we have zero bars until rebooting our phones, sometimes one person has two bars while another person has zero, etc.

Is there a carrier anyone can recommend that is better than Verizon? The company has to know about this problem already and clearly just doesn't want to invest in solving it.

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Customer Service Rep

username3211, we can relate to your need for service and signal you can rely on. Help is here, and having dealt with this for a year now is quite some time. Are you only having concerns while at work? How's your service while you are not at that location?