Why Did The Yahoo Mail App Drain A Lot Of Data Overnight?

It happened to our GalaxyS5 yesterday!  Notice after notice of overage data usage before we turned off mobile data.  Later we found that Yahoo Mail Had a HUGE background data spike yesterday with no other similiar increases in other apps.  Any ideas on who to talk to?

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NOG398, you're in the right place to discuss this data usage matter. We can help. Any data that's used while your device is connected to the Verizon Wireless network will use your monthly data allowance. This includes when your device accesses your Yahoo e-mail account. Background tasks, such as syncing or updating e-mails, will use data when automatic updates is enabled on to connect to our Cellular Data network in Settings. Are you using the e-mail feature on your phone or did you download a 3rd party e-mail application to your phone?


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