Why am I hearing an echo after recent system update?

After recent system update I have been hearing an echo when making calls.  It does it when on and off speakerphone.  It has become really annoying.  I have taken my phone case off, turned off HD call, and every other suggestions I have found on online. 

Re: Why am I hearing an echo after recent system update?
Customer Service Rep

Tamcot21, an echo in a tunnel is one thing but on your phone is another. Let's get to the bottom of those sounds. You took some great steps and we appreciate your work. Please go to the Settings, Applications, Application Manager, scroll down to the Phone app to select, tap the Force stop and tap to confirm. While this will erase your recent call history, it will not erase your contacts. Once completed, please power the phone off and back on before attempting another call. Let us know if you see a change.

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