Why am I not receiving text messages?
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I am receiving messages from those in contact list. However I am not getting all messages. For example, when a third party sends a code vis sms for verification of account, I don’t get those messages. I have Galaxy S10e.

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Re: Why am I not receiving text messages?

can you select to have the code sent to email?

Re: Why am I not receiving text messages?
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Pvjahagirdar, I know the importance of ensuring you are able to receive short code text messages. I'm sorry to learn that you are having difficulty in this area. We'll help look into this for you. Which text messaging application are you using? Also, please check your My Verizon application to ensure you have no Messaging blocks active on your account. Here's a link with the the steps: https://www.verizonwireless.com/support/knowledge-base-211865/. Please let us know if this information is helpful. 


Re: Why am I not receiving text messages?
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I had the same problem, just last night and today.

Of course, they treated it like my device problem. If two of us had the problem, makes me think it's something else.

They "resynced" my network, and then texts came in. Not all text sent were recieved after resync, however. 

What's worse, is if you're an IT guy relying on notifcations, how would you know that you've got to spend an hour on the phone to get those notifications coming?


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