Why are people having trouble hearing me?

I am on a Samsung S21. People I call on other cell phones either say they can’t hear me at all, or that I am breaking up. The Google Assistant, on the other hand,  can hear me fine, and acts/responds to requests/replies appropriately, so it’s not “a dirty microphone hole. The phone will also listen to me dictate a message or e-mail, and translate fine, so the microphone works fine there. It just doesn’t work to actually make outgoing phone calls to other cell phones. It works fine when I call my own home’s land line, and leave a message..


Please help!!!!

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Re: Why are people having trouble hearing me?
Customer Service Rep

Hello. Thank you for bringing this to our attention today. We certainly do not want this to be your experience when placing a phone call. We will be sending you a Private Note shortly to investigate this further with you. *Bryan