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Why can't I turn on my Galaxy Nexus?

I used my Galaxy Nexus yesterday and it is fully charged.  I cannot turn the phone on today and the phone was not damaged in the interim.  The screen remains black and the phone will not turn on.  It was purchased 6 months ago.  What is wrong?

Re: Why can't I turn on my Galaxy Nexus?
Sr. Leader
Sr. Leader

Pull the battery. Wait a minute replace, attempt to power up, by holding the power button down for 5-7 seconds, then release

Re: Why can't I turn on my Galaxy Nexus?

Maybe you're not it's type.

I'll be here all week.  Remember to tip your waitress.

If the phone's plugged in and powered off, I've found that I have to hold the power button as long as 30 seconds to get it to turn on.  Hold the button continuously until it vibrates.  It starts much more quickly (about 5 seconds) when it's not plugged in.  If it's still dong nothing after 30 seconds of holding the power button, do the battery pull thing.

Re: Why can't I turn on my Galaxy Nexus?

I had the same thing. Pushing the button for a minute did nothing. Popping the battery out did nothing. Had to get a new phone sent to me. Through using the VZ backup Assistant, I was able to keep my contacts, but lost all the photos and movies I took. I would have thought they would be backed up, but apparently not.