Why did they mess up the messaging word options?
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In my old S4, when typing a message, I would be given a choice of words based on my typing. One of them would usually be the "new" word or partial word I typed. Now on my S7, if I select that option, I also get auto completion - mostly of words that I don't want. So when I wanted to type "pb sandwich [for peanut butter], I once got the word "obviously" after hitting the space bar after the "pb". I now have to hit the up arrow that precedes the choices instead of the space bar. Any way to get the common choices shown WITHOUT auto-completion? Any way to send an electric shock to the app designer every time it does?

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How the predictive texts works depends on which keyboard app you are using, and there are many.  I use SwiftKey.  You can adjust how the predictive text, SwiftKey calls it Autocorrect, works.

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The prediction engine will also learn over time. Some keyboards like SwiftKey allows you to sync your word choices and spelling preferences between multiple devices. It can be a life saver for people who use multiple devices.

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