Why do I stay with Verizon?


I have been a Verizon customer for  fifteen years. Yesterday, my JV-3 device, which was well cared for,  suddenly would not accept a charge from the charger I always use .  Spoke to tech, but he wasn't able to resolve issue. Decided to buy phone. Paid off existing balance of 35.00 on my broken phone and paid a 40.00 upgrade fee. Was told transaction was all complete...order reviewed...just wait for a notification (to let me know the store where I was to pick up had acknowledged the sale) Instead received a email from the fraud department saying to contact, which I did? They told me they needed to verify identity , so I gave them my PIN and they said that I would have to receive a text to verify. I couldn't do because phone is dead. No email verification was given...anyway now , even though I paid for the upgrade the transaction is now on hold.  I spent some more wasted time talking to staff (3-5 hrs likely) all to no avail. I am now trying to cancel my service but cannot even do that  with my type of device. Sell a person a phone that doesn't last even until the payments are done...less than a year and a half...and then when the phone dies and the person tries to purchase another put a radical block on the account...person will be held hostage...unable to cancel service without phone....can I do that via email...or will i have to fix my broken phone so I can get a text to verify my identity...couldn't just use the brain...Insane! The question was answered today....I have had enough of Verizon...no humans

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