Why has my signal gotten so bad? I had pefect signal before 4 to 5 bars and now i can barely recieve 1 to 2
Re: Why has my signal gotten so bad?
Customer Service Rep

This is an excellent question and we are happy to provide you with an answer and we can explore options to improve your wireless service, R_MILL. Radio signals (and wireless service) can be greatly impacted by several factors outside of our control at any given time, please visit this link (https://www.verizon.com/support/troubleshooting-wireless-signal-coverage-video/) for specific details.


You mentioned that your service was better before. Did anything change in the surrounding area of your location (New buildings that may block the signal, any home improvements like a new roof)?

Do you experience service issues in specific locations (home, office, other) or during specific times?

Do you have WiFi?


- Antonio