Why is a live agent never available And why is my data in texting not working????!!!!

I have spent hours upon hours on the phone either on hold or with various customer service reps or people from the financial department in the last four or five days over my phone bill. I have a payment arrangement for the end of the month. Now they've turned off my data and my texting! They sent a text message to my husband's phone saying our phones are being disconnected. It's not even time for my payment to be made yet. Every time I tried to call I get the message that I cannot speak to a live agent and I've been trying to do this for 2 days straight dozens of times a day! If you days ago I had a representative and financial services make a payment on my account out of my checking account that has no money in it!!!!!!   I've had two other people tell me that my account would not be disconnected because this was their fault not mine yet it still shows on my Verizon app that payment was made so I'm guessing it was returned from my bank. These Verizon representatives have absolutely no idea what they are doing and they haven't for a very long time. The whole times are so long and I'm sure it's because they're working from home and if they're busy they just let you be on hold forever. They don't have anyone to answer to if they're in the bathtub or having supper they just do what they're doing while you're sitting there on hold because they're home doing whatever they want. It's time to switch but we don't know who to switch to because we know everybody else is just as bad!



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Re: Why is a live agent never available And why is my data in texting not working????!!!!
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Tfunk22968, I have needed more time to make a payment in the past as well. Please click on the following web page https://www.verizon.com/support/promise-to-pay-faqs/ for all the details to set up a promise to pay in the My Verizon online account or app. This information may help with this type of concern in the future. 


Your time is valuable, so we regret reading about the time spent working with us on a payment arrangement. We truly apologize for this experience, and we hope to regain your confidence. This type of issue would require an account review. Please check your Private Notes to proceed.