Why is my time zone different than where I am located ??
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This happened to me today, too. This morning I restarted my phone for unrelated reasons, but after I restarted it I saw that the time was incorrect. I restarted my phone again to fix the problem, and at first the time was correct, but  within 10 minutes it became wrong again. I am in Pacific daylight time, but my phone kept setting itself to Alaska time, which is 1 hour off.  I restarted my phone a third time and so far it is holding the correct time zone setting, but now I don't trust it. Please tell me how to fix this, as I certainly do not want to wake up late because my alarm clock goes off for the wrong time zone.

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Re: Time zone confusion
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BossAB, we are sorry to see that your device is displaying the incorrect time. I also rely on my phone to wake up every morning with the alarm and can not afford to be late to work. Allow us to take a closer look at this time issue and make sure that this problem is fixed for good so you don't have to worry about waking up late. Just to be sure, what type of device do you have? Did you attempt to turn OFF the Automatic Time setting?