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I just got a new Samsung Galaxy Note 10+ last night and I have a notification that is asking me to activate my wifi calling (which I have used frequently in the past with my V20). Each time I try to enable the wifi calling I get an error message that says "Unable to activate wifi calling at this time. Please try again later." I have tried disabling and enabling advanced HD calling and then resetting my phone, my location is on, I have a very strong wifi connection. The notification and error message has been there since my new phone was activated and turned on at the certified retailer last night. 

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We can certainly assist you with your Wi-Fi Calling. You will need a strong connection to the Verizon tower in order to enable the Wi-Fi Calling setting. What happens when you dial #832 from your device?



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I am having the same problem on the Galaxy S10 plus that I just purchased on June 12th. No matter what I do it will not enable Wi-Fi calling. I have call Verizon technical support and ensure that my account is provision for Wi-Fi calling. I have tried every Solution that's in this forum and so far nothing has worked.