Wifi Calling Has Disappeared After Switching Carriers (from T-Mobile to Verizon)
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I have exhausted all possible remedies. My signal from home is VERY poor, and I used to have T-Mobile, but switched to Verizon. I have an S22 Ultra (Samsung's top of the line now). After the switch, I totally lost any option for Wifi Calling, which used to help with the multiple dropped calls because of that tiny little bar of coverage (in Hemet, CA). I have called Verizon, and was transferred to the "Level 2 Tech Support, which in reality was Samsung support. Then, I went to a fix-it store, and they tried multiple things (including a new update of the Software). I have successfully performed about 2-3 updates over the last two months. In another post (from 2019) someone said that you have to activate HD Voice, but according to Samsung support, my phone does not support that feature. My phone is still under warranty, but I would have to wait 7-10 days to get a new phone (who can live without their phone for one day???). When I restart my phone, it still has the T-Mobile start up (pink T), even though T-Mobile has completed unblocked and released my phone. I have a brand new Verizon SIM installed at the switch (about 2 months ago). All efforts have been unsuccessful. Do I really need to get a land line now, just because Verizon (the largest cell network) cannot help me? Very frustrated and open to any other remedies. I have spent about 8 hours trouble shooting this issue thus far...Help!!! Verizon, please just send me a new phone and let's start from scratch!!!

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Re: Wifi Calling Has Disappeared After Switching Carriers (from T-Mobile to Verizon)
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Please know we never want anyone to have to endure a negative experience on our network, please allow us the opportunity to look into this. Can you please send a Private Message, so e can delve into this.