Wifi Calling on (Android) phone doesn't ring
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Samsung Galaxy S7- Wifi Calling Turned on.

My phone does not ring.  When somebody calls me, the phone doesn't ring, and doesn't show a missed call-- only if they leave a voice mail do I know they called.

When I call out, I go to my recent calls... if I swipe (call) the number with the wireless bars on it, it does  NOT dial out... if I call the numbers without the wireless bars next to them I am able to call.

What's the issue!

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Re: Wifi Calling on (Android) phone doesn't ring
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Tannaa, we are sorry to hear that you are missing these important calls. Your callers want to hear your voice and we want you to receive their calls. Let's work to get to the bottom of this. Have you noticed that this happens with specific callers? Do you and the caller have a 4G signal when this happens? Do you recall adding any new apps, games or software to the phone recently? When did this begin? LorenB_VZW

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