Wifi Calling on Factory Unlocked Samsung Note 8
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I need to know if anyone has had success enabling wifi calling on a Factory Unlocked Samsung Note 8. I was told that Verizon can add the IMEI number to a "White List."

Re: Wifi Calling on Factory Unlocked Samsung Note 8
Customer Service Rep

Thank you for reaching out to us regarding your Note 8, pahunterguy. We know it's important to have a complete understanding of which services you'll be able to use with an open market device. The following services are not supported on open market devices:


    • Visual Voicemail (VVM)
    • LTE Video Calling
    • Enhanced Address Book
    • WiFi Calling
    • Family Base
    • Family Locator

You may still be able to use WiFi calling through using a third party application. We hope this helps.



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