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Wifi & Texting Problem

My family and I recently register a family plan about two weeks ago. I have no problems between those time, until now. When ever I turn on my wifi, I can receive text messages but when i send a message, it is either to slow to send or never send at all. What seems to be the problem?

Re: Wifi & Texting Problem
Customer Support


Being able to send and receive text messages is supposed to be a very simple and easy process. I am sorry to hear that you are having this problem, but we will work to get this working for you. Sending and receiving text messages run on a different network than your internet connection so being connected to wifi should not prevent that from happening. The only time you might have a problem with picture messaging is if you have your background data turned off. Are you using the native texting application on the phone or Verizon messages? Let's try having you remove and reinsert your sim card to see if that resolves your issue. Please keep us posted.

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