Will an S8 made in Korea work?
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I have the Galaxy S8 Korean model (SM-G950N). Data service will work, but voice and SMS will not work. The specific model is not compatible with the Verizon Network.

I have already tried tinkering with the bands/channel/network type settings on the phone, but I have no luck getting voice to work.

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If it's not compatible with the VZW network, why did you buy it?

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I had a job overseas and my old Galaxy S6 was "dying", so I bought a Galaxy S8 through Olleh KT when I was in Korea. Before I left, they said the phone would work with U.S. carriers. Apparently, not completely with Verizon Wireless, as I had found out.

I work in Germany now, where voice, SMS, and data works fine with the Galaxy S8 from Korea. Vodafone is my current phone carrier service.


hopefully you got  good price on it!!