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Will your Nexus make the 2 year contract?

I have replaced my Samsung Galaxy Nexus 4 times and now the warrant is up. My battery door is broken from the frequently required battery pulls. I have to listen to screeching every few calls and people regularly telling me I sound muffled. Another batter pull is needed to fix it. I have the extended battery which lasts maybe 2 hours if I am in a low signal area, which if often because the phone has poor reception. My wife has has a Razr HD and she has connectivity when I have none.

Verizon response, I should have purchased an extended warranty...

I paid a premium price for a phone that Google has admitted delivers a poor user experience. I should have some expectation that my phone will last the contract period. Every phone I have owned since cell phones became available have easily exceeded the contract term. So either I shell out a lot more money and pay full price for another phone but if I do have still have to pay the contract price or suffer through till my contract is up then pay verizon an upgrade fee to get gouged on another phone.

It seems that Verizon is no longer supporting this phone and its only 14 months old. Where are the updates other carriers are providing?

I really feel cheated. Are there others out there who have the same issues or am I just a single disgruntled customer?

Re: Will your Nexus make the 2 year contract?

My experience is just like yours.  I have had the phone since the day it came out in December of 2011.  Terrible reception, call quality, and wifi connection have plagued this phone since day one.  I was told early on that if I was patient an update would come and solve my problems.  I was on the phone with Verizon and Samsung every other week for nearly six months trying to figure out this phone.  I have had four certified like new replacements....all worse than my original handset.  Still have the original.  Updates came and went and if anything they made the phone worse.  There are some days the call quality is so bad the phone is unusable.  I cannot leave the room my wifi router is in or I cant hold the connection.  Oh and its NOT the router and I don't live in a poor 4g area.  All been verified by Verizon.  I have essentially given up.  This phone and its cheap parts isn't ever going to be any good.  People whine about updates.  I just want the phone to work.  I do a lot of business on my phone.  Many calls are longer than ten minutes which this phone absolutely can't handle.  Had to have my landline reinstalled so I have something reliable.  I am just holding out till my upgrade comes in August.  No one really cares whether the phone works as a telephone.  I have been very frustrated with both Verizon and Samsung.  Samsung is making billions of dollars selling slick looking electronics with very inferior inner parts.