Wireless software upgrade assistant has "next" grayed out

My Galaxy Note 20 Ultra 5G is at update 15, I am "10" updates behind and it says, "wasn't able to update" trying to apply update 16. So I've downloaded the wireless software upgrade assistant and plugged my phone into the laptop via USB and it won't go past the 1st page where it says in the USB settings to change USB to system update or Transferring Files / Android Auto, but it won't stay on "system update" and still doesn't work when leaving it on the other setting. The Wireless software upgrade assistant sits on this 1st panel. I have nothing left to try. If anyone know the answer please share. Thanks

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Re: Wireless software upgrade assistant has "next" grayed out
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Hello oraBrick,


I depend on my device every day and would be concerned too if I were having any problems with it. If you go to Settings >> About Phone >> Software Information, what does it show for the full Build Number?