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Won't Send Texts and Now Won't Make Calls... Claims No Service

The other day my phone wasn't sending text messages, I could recieve them and make calls but no one was getting my messages I sent to them.  I've had this problem before and it would usually just correct itself, annoying, but it would.  Well it went on for two full days so I called and did the *228 and reprogrammed my phone.  And yes, I tried taking out the battery also and it didn't work.  It seemed to work after the reprogramming though.  Then the next morning, today, not only did my phone not send messages, after it had been working just fine, but it would not make calls either.  I couldn't even dial *228 without the call being dropped.  A message pops up every few minutes saying messages couldn't be sent and would be sent once service became available.  My phone has no service whatsoever, bars pop up for a second or two and then goes back to absolutely ZERO service.  This is very strange considering I live in a pretty decent service area, have never had issues with it before, and everyone else around here has Verizon as well and haven't had any issues.  On top of this, with my phone constantly searching for service, the battery ran out a lot faster than normal so I turned my phone off, since it was pretty much useless anyways.  Well, good thing I did because while it was one it was sending the text message I sent to my boyfriend this morning, before I'd realized my phone was having issues, over and over.  He recieved well over 100 duplicate messages.  And even when I turn my phone back on it keeps sending the message to him... even though on my end it still says no service and that none of my texts from today have sent and will be sent when service becomes available.  I called Verizon today and the woman I spoke with, while very nice, seemed clueless about my issue and tried to walk me through some troubleshooting she was just reading off of something and she herself didn't even know what she was telling me to do or what the benefit of it was.  When I finally said I was on my break at work and had to get back inside, she informed me she was just going over the basic troubleshooting and I could talk to Tech Support and they could further assist me.  I didn't have any time to stay on the phone then since it had already been 20 minutes that got me nowhere.  My issue now is I don't have a phone to even call Tech Support to try and figure out what's going because I was using a friends at work.  So long story short, my phone claims to not be able to send any messages but has sent over 100 messages to my boyfriend (and God knows who else who just hasn't told me), my phone won't make any calls without dropping them after a second, and my phone has no service even in good service areas... and all of these issues just came out of nowhere and my phone is pretty much unusable at the moment.  What I want to know is if there is anyway to fix this problem... or if I am just going to have to suck it up and get a new phone?  Thank you, I definitely appreciate the help.