Worst support I have ever had in my 57 years and over 15 yrs as a customer
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I bought yesterday a Samsung Galaxy Z Fold3 5G and the week before a Motorola.
Dont do it they dont support anything anymore other then texts and then they dont know what they are doing.

I have been a customer for over 15 years.  Bought two new phones way over $2000 at the Verizon store.  Came home and I am locked out of the website and the app.  When I call for support it greets me as my wife, "Deborah" I am "Tim" and I am locked out everywhere.  I contacted support via the very RUDE and annoying robot script which  after about 1 hour I finally got a human in chat.  They refused to call me saying they cannot call me.  A phone company that can't make a call how sad is that?  We bought the brand new Z fold most expensive phone they sell, two phones.  Now locked out and they won't even call me or let me call them.  Now they are telling me I MUST go back to store and let the same guy that scrambled my account try and fix it.  A company that REFUSES to talk to its customers after the buy.  Now I have no service.  Tomorrow morning I will cancel account and go to AT&T.  At least they will answer the phone.  He had no clue what he was doing.  Then his manager came on and only could say I must go to the store and that he was sorry for his  employee's lack of knowledge of anything.
Oh the best part was the support person in the chat room started asking me what I thought the issue was.  He kept saying maybe if we do this or maybe if we do that it might work.  I think I know 9 year olds that know Verizon better than Verizon, sad support quality is so bad and on top of that they refuse to have me call or for them to call me.  Had me pecking away on the phone for 2.5 hrs all to hear "maybe if we do... Verizon doesn't care what customers think or have to go through.  They care so much they can't even take a phone call.

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