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Would not recommend the Samsung Nexus

I upgraded to the Samsung Nexus from the Galaxy S.  Really liked the S, but the Nexus had done nothing but disappoint.  Verizon Customer Service has replaced it twice and it still drops calls, reboots itself, and god forbid you try to use the speaker phone option.  This phone should be REMOVED from Verizon's line up until these MAJOR issues are resolved.  I've asked to be able to upgrade to the Apple 4S and was denied by a RUDE customer service agent, who eventually just made me so mad that I hung up.  This woman had not business being a customer service rep.  I asked to speak to a supervisor over and over and this woman would never let me talk to one.  She just seem offended and kept asking WHY.  This must be part of the process...don't let it get to that level...maybe they obtain demerits if that happens...who knows.  I went into the local store...USELESS!!!!!  They only SELL phones...they don't do anything else...I was told to contact customer service..."That's what they are there for"...really...doesn't seem it.  In the end, the only options I was provided were to keep replacing a horrible phone or purchase a model that was not comparable (inadequate) than what I originally paid for, and we all know how much these things cost.  Verizon has lost my respect now.  I will be moving to another carrier just for the fact that even after years as a loyal customer I just don't seem to matter.  Shame on Verizon for not caring and for provide the WORST customer service I've encountered in a while. 

Re: Would not recommend the Samsung Nexus

I'm on my 3rd G Nex too. This one works well, the radios stay connected and when I turn off wifi, it doesn't take a reboot to get a signal. My first 2 had a lot of issues, especially connecting to 3G or 4G.

Customer service is hit or miss with Verizon. If I get someone who is obtuse, I call back and get a different person. When I first got the phone I had some questions and the level of competence varied...a lot.

I hope you get a good phone. Mine is working great now.

Re: Would not recommend the Samsung Nexus
Sr. Member

I bought mine the day it launched. I don't have any signal issues, no wifi reboots, my speaker volume is fine, and I have no problems transferring files over USB.

My only issue is with javascript.