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bluetooth wont work with music player!!!!

i had the samsung galaxy s phone with t mobile...stupidly i left for that dumb i phone only to find it to be way too restricted for me so i changed to samsung fascinate thinking it would be just like the one i had with tmobile....NOT. all i want to do is listen to my music thru my bluetooth and the option is there but its not working....for some reason the phone need to search and sync with my bluetooth even though its already synced with my bluetooth......please help!!!!!!

Re: bluetooth wont work with music player!!!!

Android supports both A2DP (aka media streaming) and AVRCP (aka remote control)


I stream and control music on my Fascinate phone from the head-unit of my car all the time. It works great. No wires. All I did was pair the phone to my car's head-unit once and thats it. Once in a while, you would have to manually connect but for the most part, they automatically connect when in range. I also use my noise-cancelling BT headphones when I am at home and again, the connection is seamless once paired. I have streamed audio from the build in music player, video player, youtube, winamp, Pandora and a plethora of other players without any problems

Re: bluetooth wont work with music player!!!!

Pairing of Bluetooth devices is pretty hit-or-miss.  It's more a function of the Bluetooth specification being too loose than it is a fualt of any particular device.  You never really know what features will transfer from one Bluetooth-enabled device to another without trying them.

Re: bluetooth wont work with music player!!!!
Verizon Employee

When having issues with your Bluetooth, it is a good idea to unpair the device with your bluetooth accessory and then re-pair it again. Listed below are the steps to unpair the device. Also, this functionality is not supported for all Bluetooth devices not purchased through Verizon Wireless. 


1. Go to setting-> wireless & networks-> bluetooth settings-> long press on the list of device-> click unfair

2. Turn off your bluetooth device -> click to scan devices (This will remove your device from the list completely)
3. Re-establish pairing (by going through discovering procedure).
check mark on visible-> click scan devices-> set your bluetooth headset under discovery mode-> accept to pair.


To connect the device to the bluetooth, you may use the directions below:


Step 1 - Enable Bluetooth functionality on the Samsung Fascinate.

Note: The Bluetooth power must be set to ON position to pair the handset with a Bluetooth headset.

  1. From the main screen, tap Menu.
  2. Tap Settings
  3. Tap Wireless & Networks
  4. Tap Bluetooth to turn on Bluetooth



 Step 2 - Pair the  Samsung Fascinate wwith a Bluetooth Accessory.

Note: The Bluetooth power must be set to ON position to pair the handset with a Bluetooth headset.

  1. From the main screen, tap Menu
  2. Tap Settings
  3. Tap Wireless & Networks
  4. Tap Bluetooth Settings
  5. Place accessory in pairing mode, see accessory pairing instructions.
  6. Tap Scan for Devices, device starts Searching.
  7. Tap XXXAccessory NameXXX to pair
  8. Pairing Complete, touch home to exit. 

Note: Device will automatically try one of the preconfigured passcodes (0000, 1111, 8888, 1234) to pair the Bluetooth headset with the device. 

Lastly, listed below is a link to our Bluetooth site page, which provides different details, directions, and concerns when using you bluetooth with your phone.



    Re: Bluetooth wont work with music player!!!!

    Pairing the Fascinate with a Bluetooth media player is more of a curse than a blessing.


    Whether or not you actually want to listen to music from your phone, it will randomly start playing music from its internal speaker at the most inopportune times.


    My scenario:

    I have a Ford with Sync. I (used to) use my Fascinate to stream music to my car stereo via Bluetooth.


    The problems started when the phone apparently got confused about the disconnection of Bluetooth. It would continue playing the song I was listening to over the phone's internal speaker when I got out of the car. This was pretty annoying because it's winter and I usually have gloves on.


    I got so annoyed with this behavior I decided to start listening to the radio instead of the phone. I still let it pair with the car so I can get my calls through the hands-free phone support Sync has.


    Instead of fixing the problem, this makes it worse. Now the phone waits anywhere between 10 and 15 minutes after I break the Bluetooth connection to start blaring music from its internal speaker. Since Android's (or is it Samsung's skin of Android?) "vibrate" setting doesn't mute media volume, I either have to have my phone on silent (which makes the thing completely useless), or put up with being embarrassed when it randomly decides to start blaring music out of my pocket.