cluster of mistakes by verizon

I have five lines on my account...all family members

I bought an s21 samsung on one line....

Later I bought another s21 samsung on another line...

This Samsung s21 was checked by Verizon and deemed to have a problem...

as they could not correct it they sent another new phone to me under warranty.

Then Verizon said as they had billed the replacement phone under an incorrect phone number on my account I would have to pay for it. I had returned my old phone to them. I asked for it back. They refused to return it. Verison offered 485 dollar credit to the account. I refused. Then they said if I returned the new phone I would be issued a refurbished phone. Nothing was said about this during the warranty process. Now I am paying for three s21 phones and only have two. This is a 1400 dollar mistake from verizon. Is there anything I can do. Your input will be appreciated.

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Re: cluster of mistakes by verizon
Customer Service Rep

We know how important it is for your replacement to run smoothly. To clarify, do you have the replacement device? *Ellisandra