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Ugghh.  Okay I open up contact app; far right side is letters. I am "Missing letters H and Q" because within my settings I am only showing "phone contacts"  If I were to change settings to 'view all' then all letters appear.

Yes I have contacts with the letter H and yes they are uploaded to the Verizon Cloud, so logically it should show.

Instead of the letter H I have a *

It looks like this:






Yes, if I press the 'dot* it will jump to letter H, but again H is missing.

I saw this a week ago and probably after the latest Software upgrade.  Now allow me to list the steps I've done:

*Forced Stop the App

*Cleared Cache, Data

*Boot into Safe Mode
*Factory Reset

I notified a Verizon agent last week and Factory Reset was the last step; which i did today. Then after I re tell them of my problem, someone in the Verizon Tech office someone clarified they too saw that. So that's me +1  however I know how the system works.

One complaint doesn't qualify for a software update

Dozens to Hundreds does qualify for a fix

And since I was basically the 1st, their so called Lead Tech said "Those letters that are missing could be the result of not enough contacts within that letter or too many contacts" I called their claim invalid and ya know what? I proved them wrong.  I have 4 Contacts in letter H. I think I got 3 contacts in P and 1 Contact in U therefore the "not enough" doesn't work.

I have 4 contacts in letter H and I have more than 4 in multiple other letters; such as A and S and T.  So again that highest lead techs claim doenst pan out.

So I'm seeking the help of the community. Open your Contacts...Display "Only Phone"; are you missing any letters?  Please let me know Thank you

Galaxy S7 Edge; latest software upgrade in the state of Oregon

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This is certainly most unusual. When you look at your list of phone contacts, are the contacts listed on H and Q part of that group or are they part of another group of contacts?

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I am sorry; I don't understand the question.

All my H contacts are saved under the Cloud (phone, Verizon). I can log into Verizon cloud right now and see my H and Q contacts. (although I have no Q contacts; it just happens to be a letter that isn't shown)

If I tap the . (dot) where the H should be; it jumps and it does show my H contacts

Under Settings if I set the "View" to say 'Phone Only' the letters become missing. If I select to 'Show All Contacts' then all letters are visible.

The problem with "All Contacts" is that since I have way too many accounts; I do not want them to be shown. I don't want Google, I don't want MSN, or Outlook or anything. I just want 'Phone' Contacts.

So I also decided to chat with a co worker who also owns the S7 Edge; and he is experiencing the same problem; the irony...H and Q aren't affected its different letters for him. And same thing...his is set to "Phone" and if he shows all contacts then....all letters appear.


today's update samsung has NO letters when going to contact

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