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my phone keeps using data and i am not the person using it.  cloud/file sharing is a big user and gaming.  i don't use either. how do i turn them off i have a galaxyA10e

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It's a concern when data is being used by your phone, but you are not using the data, june2020.  Let mew help you with your data usage concerns and get some more details. Do you close your apps after using them or allow the apps to be running in the background? Is someone else using your phone for gaming and file-sharing? Here's a link you can use to view, open or close recently used apps on your device . Also, we have handy tools to monitor your data usage if you would like to review them at this link On the same webpage, please scroll down and can find the steps to set up data usage alerts to help you manage the data. Does this information help? 



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