email battery drain
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So after my latest "factory reset" within a couple weeks I noticed that my battery was being drained very fast; when I used the Battery section under Settings I noticed the 'native' email app was being consumed like mad!

Here are the numbers I've seen:

100%, 55%, 45%, 75%

That seems a bit excessive if you ask me. I've never seen it consume that much before. Force Stopping and or Clearing Cache/Data and re adding all my accounts doesn't help. What could help is yet 'another' factory reset in which I care not to do right now.

I'm asking the community if you could go to your settings>battery and check your "email" and see if you have astronomically high numbers.

One way to tell is after you have fully charged the battery; you lose like 5% in lets say...30minutes.  Because I can take my phone off charger at 1030pm at 100% and by 6am I'll still have roughly 91% That means 9% is lost in 7hrs time.

And what I don't understand is how my email is still pushing updates when I have the master sync off. Or let me put it this way....One of 3 accounts pushes emails. If master sync is off and usually I don't get emails from my other 2 accounts; why am I on that one?

So I found an app on the Play Store; downloaded and signed into my accounts. I'll test that out

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After you charge to 100%, use your phone as normal until you are down to 30% or less and then go into Settings>Battery and take a screen shot and post it here. Losing 9% while your phone is just sitting for 7 hours isn't a lot, but I can't tell if you are saying you lose 5% every 30 minutes or 9% every 7 hours. I have an S5 and have lost 7%-9% overnight, but what I have turned on; wi-fi, automatic updates etc. may not be what you have turned on.

I use the Gmail app and in 6 hours and maybe 4 e-mails it's used 2% of my battery. I also close all applications when I'm done using them so they don't run in the background.

I think you're right though, you should do another factory reset and turn off app data backup and see if that helps. I remember 2 updates ago I had to factory reset some 3 times in a week because something just wasn't working right. Needless to say I learned not to customize too much after each factory reset because chances were good I'd just be doing it once again.


how often is mail being synced?

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I think it was configured for "when email arrives"

But again I guess the purpose of this thread was to ask:

1-Do you use the native "email" app on your device, or do you download a 3rd party app for your email? And by 'email' I mean...'Email'...I'm not referring to GMail otherwise I would've said just that.

2-If you use the native 'email' app and you turn on Sync during the day have you ever checked your Battery and see how many % the email app is using?

So I said I downloaded a 3rd party app that mimicked the 'email' app......its called "BlueMail" and so far when I checked it earlier..6% of battery...again I believe Email is pushed...when it hits the servers I should get a notification...hmm hold on...cant find it. its only saying push notifications are instant.

anyways I just checked it again after a few hours of using the app and still 6% is being consumed by battery for this.