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I noticed when the phone is on Combined mailboxes incoming emails do not sync? If I switch to the individual email accounts (4) the pinwheel activates and emails flow in relatively quickly? Today I didn't see emails for about 4 hours then when I switched to the individual accounts about 40 showed up. Any ideas?

Re: email syncing
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First we want to make sure that your device has the latest update.
From the main screen, touch menu tab
Touch Settings
Touch About Phone
Touch System Updates
Then dial *228 send and option 1 on the phone.  

Emails you receive to all accounts are presented in the combined
Inbox, or you can view email accounts individually.

1. Touch Menu ➔ Accounts.
2. Touch an account, or touch the Combined Inbox.

To view the newer emails you want to refresh the inbox. When you refresh the inbox, the newer email should sync to the device.   

Refresh your account to update your phone from the servers.

1. From the Home screen, select Applications ➔
2. Touch Menu ➔ Refresh.



Re: email syncing

Got my fascinate two days ago and am having a similar problem..4 email accounts with 2 different providers.  I have checked all settings, confirmed with the providers and still having issues that are intermittent.  Most of the time I have to manually refresh the different email accounts to get the download of received emails.  On other occasions, the device seems to work perfectly with timely populated email activity.  Spoke to VZN rep this evening and was told there is a patch in the works that will fix this issue, but not known when it will be available. So I guess a manual refresh is the way to go for now.