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how can I unlock my galaxynexus I forgot my password????

Re: forgot password
Customer Support

There is nothing worse than being locked out of your own phone. (At least it seems as though there is nothing worse at the time)

Do you happen to have the password lock or the pattern lock on the phone? If so, there is no way for us to retrieve it for you, but there are a couple of work arounds to help you gain access to the phone again.

Call yourself from another phone, answer, without hanging up press the home button, then menu button, settings, try to disable pattern-lock. You can call yourself from another phone, answer, hang-up, directly after hanging up start pressing your buttons like a madman for 30-60 seconds ending with your home button (might take a while to get the timing right). Go into settings and disable pattern-lock.
The last resot is to perform a factory reset. YOU WILL LOSE all not-synced DATA. Here are the steps to perform this step (You would have to perform the alternate hard reset since you don't have regular access to the phone).

Tamara H.
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