g965usqs2arf4 Update Broke Bluetooth Media

I ran update g965usqs2arf4 this morning and now my Bluetooth refuses to play media in my Ford which uses SYNC.  It worked fine prior to this morning and now it won't even toggle media as an option, it keeps shutting off.  It says I'm pared for calls but not media.  I re-pared the phone to the car and it still doesn't work.  This is the first time an update has broken something...any thoughts Verizon?  I found a forum that says to clear the Bluetooth cache which I did and will try again at lunch but one of the other options is a factory reset which ain't happening.  I also saw where someone ran this update and it caused a hardware error and the phone needed to be replaced...again, any ideas on what to do?  Can or should I roll back the security update?

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Re: g965usqs2arf4 Update Broke Bluetooth Media
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Oh wow, updates are meant to improve your phone Scott.brownrigg not make it worse. I am here to help to see what is going on. I do appreciate all that you have done. You are not able to roll back updates. I know you mentioned that you were going to clear the Bluetooth cache, have you done that already? Are you able to pair your phone to any other Bluetooth? What media are you trying to play? Have you tried a different app to play your media? 


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