galaxy a50 not receiving or sending texts or making phone calls at work with wifi calling enabled
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i just switched from att to verizon. purchased a samsung galaxy a50. signal at our house is weak with verizon which is still better than the no service i had with att. when i go to work i was unable to send or recive texts. i was hooked up to the work wifi but i had 3 bars of cell service. . if i shut wifi off and reboot the phone all texts would send and recive at one time. i also was having alot of trouble making phone calls. a co worker has verizon and has his wifi calling enabled and never has an issue. if i shut off wifi calling and reboot the phone everything seems to work fine. i will try more tomorrow. what would wifi calling have to do with sending texts. with wifi calling turned off does that prevent it from sending texts over wifi? i really do not want to have to turn wifi calling on and off and reboot phone everytime i go to or from work.

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