how to get basic Verizon voicemail on an unlocked S9
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This is based on a similar answered question for an unlocked S8 and it works.

THIS IS NOT FOR VISUAL VOICEMAIL.  You can't get Visual Voicemail on an unlocked device.

To restore basic voicemail function with a notification do the following:

In something that sounds backwards, blocking the visual voicemail service on your line restores basic voicemail notifications on a smartphone the way we used to get them.

1) log into

2) go to 'my plans and services'

3) go to 'blocks'

4) Select your phone and click 'block services'

5) Turn on the blocking for VISUAL VOICE MAIL

     * when you accept it will take you to a popup to verify changes and $$ changes to your account.  there will be no $$ change unless you are dropping visual voice mail by doing this.

6) close out, wait a minute and reboot your phone

7) send a test voicemail.  You will get a notification in the top bar that you have a message and the little recording icon in the notification bar.  You have a message waiting!

😎 dial your voicemail to get it.    *86 from your phone dialer is the clunky way.

To streamline calling your voicemail...

1) create a new contact called VZ Voicemail or whatever you want.

2) make the phone number in the contact *86,xxxx#  where xxxx is your voicemail password.  the comma is a 2 second pause.  This dials Verizon voicemail, pauses, then sends your password and #.

3) long press on the home screen... go to widgets

4) select the "contacts" widget group - select direct dial - long press to place it on homescreen

5) it will take you to your contacts - select the VZ Voicemail contact you previously made

6) you will now have an icon to dial voicemail with automatic password, you can move it to the bottom favorites tray if you want to.

unfortunately this is back to listening to the long version and having to press numbers to save, delete, etc.  but at least it works.

7=delete, probably the most impt.  listen to a whole message to refresh what the number controls are.

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This may be what Verizon wants you to think... but It's not true at all. While everyone at Verizon including their Tech Coach department will tell you the same.... you can install Verizon's Visual Voicemail on a non Verizon Unlocked phone.  Simply find and download the Verizon Voicemail APK....and install. I have two Note 8 phones....both from Verizon, the other from a third party. The unlocked Verizon Note 8 has Visual Voicemail installed and worked fine. The third party unlocked Note 8 had no Verizon software installed. I spent over a month arguing with Verizon that their voice mail app should  be able to be installed...after all, it's a bloody portable computer; they all said no all the way up to their so called experts at "Tech Coach"...... 

The only difference between a same model Verizon unlocked versus Non-Verizon unlocked is the latter didn't come from them so their software is not pre-installed on it.  When it comes to technology, being told no, just drives you to find a solution......  Ultimately, I found Verizon's Visual Voicemail APK online from someone else who went through the same....and sure enough it installed and worked perfectly...... [[insert dropped Mic]]..... LOL... hope this helps others in similar frustrating situations.....

I have a US UNLOCKED phone on Verizon Pre-pay. What is suggested here with the micro symbol in the status bar works without going anywhere or touching anything. What is missing is the Voicemail Widget that displays when there are new voicemails. Since it displays the symbol when there is and email(s), it should be able to display the number with the correct app. The fact that it works with the US UNLOCKED phone, indicates at least the voicemail indicator is standards-based because unlocked phones only support the standards. The notification displays the number of voicemails, so the information is available. What is needed is an app that supports the standard. The two networks that support standards better than any other are T-Mobile and Sprint. I will see if I can get and apk from them and see if it will work. However, getting the little micro dingus in the status bar is not the answer for me. There is always garbage up there. I want something that gets my attention without dragging down the notifications tab like what comes with carrier widgets.
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Were you successful in your hunt? 

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Were you successful in your hunt? 



This may be more detailed than you guys need, but if you can find the app in GALAXY apps (not Samsung Store) and use Lightflow, you're there.  I don't know how the Voicemail works standalone, but I wanted the LED indicator and the sound of my choice.  Voila !

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This app is available through GALAXY APPS, not Samsung Apps.  I got it to work, without rooting or using Google Voice,  using Lightflow as follows:

Download the Visual Voicemail app from Galaxy Apps.

Download Lightflow, if you don't have it.

Open Lightflow

Choose Notification Settings

Choose red "+" plus sign at the bottom right

Choose "From System event, battery, gps, etc.

From "Select system notifications to add", roll down to Voice Mail, check the box, choose "Add"

This will add Voicemail to your Lightflow notifications list, and then you have to pick your settings for it.

On Lightflow's Notification page, find dark blue "Voicemail" and open the "three dots" to the right, choose "settings".  The setting menu is a "slide to the right" type menu.  I used "light" , enable light, choose a color, etc. I chose dark blue to match the icon.

So now, I have a dark blue "Voicemail" icon in my apps, and Lightflow makes it chime the sound I chose and lights up the LED at the top of the S9, in dark blue, and it blinks, so I know a voicemail is there.  It also shows up on the notification panel.

And my unlocked S9 is doing just fine with Verizon Basic Visual Voicemail.

Here's a link with more detail.

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When I go to Galaxy Apps, there is no Visual Voicemail App option. Now what?

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See link for instructions for another option to forward missed calls to a free google voice number and get visual voicemail from google:

How to Set Up Google Voice to Get Visual Voicemail on Your Unlocked Android Phone « Android :: Gadge...

I also saw a reddit thread that someone said after an S9 updated it had an embedded VZ voicemail app.  Doubt it as everyone including VZ support from the unlocked S8 and on says nope.