im about to not be a verison customer.

I dropped my phone (samsung galaxy S21) about a month ago and the screen has been having issues, my relative gave me their old phone (samsung galaxy A21) so i wouldnt have to buy a new one. the new phone continues to say "security policy prevents use of mobile data" whenever i try enabling mobile data. I also can not call or text anyone on it nor receive on it. I took them in to a version store tp try to resolve the issue and instead i now cant use either of the 2 as phones. I then spent 1 hour on the phone with tech support in which they attempted to help me as best as they could but nothing ended up being fixed. i was then asked to leave the store as i was not buying anything from the store and this is an issue outside of there scope. so now i have no working phone, im unable to call support to get it resolved. im upset and annoyed, and im about to no longer be a customer if this issue isnt resolved.

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Re: im about to not be a verison customer.
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Hi, TicklesTheElf. We are saddened to hear that this happened to your phone and you were unable to receive further assistance at a store. We are determined to help. Are you able to share additional details about the A21 you're using? Is this a Verizon branded device?