lastest system update locked-up S9

I updates latest system update on 6/22, once completed phone was not responding, so powered off. Now when I power-up, phone freezes with "unlock symbol w/ rotating blue & green circle". This continues until battery drains. I have charged (once dead) and tried to restart multiple times, but same result. Did the latest system update trash my phone (purchased @ Verizon on 5/6/18)?

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Re: lastest system update locked-up S9
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RAFMAR52, we always want to ensure that your new phone is working up to par. We’ve been reviewing the latest news with the software updates and can confirm that there’s no reports like this. We’re here to help turn things around for you. Has there been any physical or liquid damage to the device at all? Have you been able to achieve any success with starting the phone up in Safe Mode? You can view the instructions here:


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