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I was cleaning up my old phone(not active) before I gave it away. I deleted my calendar entries. the next day the calendar on my active phone is gone. why did an inactive phone sync and delete my calendar? how can I get this back

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connected to wi-fi !!

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Check your Google account calendar online to see if there is an option to restore deleted events.

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We just wanted to check up on you Briwhi29. Were you able to check what service you were using for your calendar? We will be on standby so we can further help you.

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The best thing to do when getting rid of any phone is remove your SD card and do a factory reset/wipe on the phone.  Otherwise you run the risk of leaving a ton of personal stuff on the phone plus its far less tedious than trying to "clean up" a phone.

Was WiFi enabled on the inactive phone?  I assume you mean by inactive you mean no service and/or no SIM?  WiFi would still work though as would 911 calls so it isn't like the device is completely cut off from the grid.  Getting your data back seems unlikely unless you're using a calendar app that creates some sort of archived backups and for that you'd need to check with the calendar app's customer service.

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BRIWHI29, it's concerning to hear that you have lost content on your current device. Sometimes Calendars are stored through services like Google Calendar. This service syncs a centralized calendar that can be manipulated from multiple devices through a sign-in. Were you utilizing such a service for your calendar? Did you previously back up your new device to Verizon Cloud? If the calendar information wasn't server side for an application, you might be able to restore the content through Cloud restoration.



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