my bill, very disturb, upset, confused , not happy customer.....

I called verizon wireless in april  to advise that the ups stores were closed during the pandemic, so i never got a chance to mail my replacement device, a customer service rep advise, me that no worries verizon wireless is giving time, to assist with billing, i advise i can pay my bill, but didnt want to pay unreturned equipment fee because ups stores were closed, so we concluded that i can give it to a ups driver if i see one, which i did and verizon wireless received device. I still continued to pay my bill as usually, but then i notice my june bill showed late on website  which i was concerned since it was  just printed out and due date was june 23rd, a rep advise me no worries something wrong with system, when june 23rd came along, the system would not allow me to make a payment, so i called in july to address my concern, the wait was over 90 mins, so i did the digital chat and they advise verizon automatically enrolled me in deferred payment and my payment was stretch for 6 months, which i did not agree to, so a manager advise they will get this fix and a credit will be made, they advise it was Verizon error, so i then see nothing was done two days later, so i called again and got a manager and she stated the rep in april messed my acct up, and i need to speak to there manager, i'm confused that one manager is referring to another manager. i need verizon wireless to get this fix, other wise i will email the ceo of this company, which i have there info, since my niece works for them.

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Re: my bill, very disturb, upset, confused , not happy customer.....
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